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Poetry memento / Вот такое послевкусие

After the premier of “A Cold Autumn,” I am still reflecting on the impact of poetry on myself, our actors and audience, as well as the effect of the translation on poetry since we subtitled the entire play, a challenge in itself.

Ivan Bunin:

Осыпаются астры в садах, стройный клен под окошком желтеет,

и холодный туман на полях целый день неподвижно белеет...

In translation:

Showered asters in the gardens, slim maple yellow under the window,

and cold mist on the fields the whole day still turns white…

While the translation may be accurate and pleasantly coherent, an important aspect is lost in the process - the poetic text become prosaic and its impact is different. This got me thinking - what is so special about poetry that it moves us? Does it indeed move us? Let me address the second question first. Yes, poetry definitely affects us, impacting and influencing our perception. This was confirmed by how our teen actors morphed throughout the rehearsals of "A Cold Autumn," a play that integrated poems of famous Russian poets into Bunin's prose. The changes we observed in their presence while reciting poetry were quite distinct, the kind that were not apparent when we work with prose. They became more refined, sensitive, reflective. Maybe it is the rhyme and rhythm, maybe - the succinct expression of a thought, maybe just the phonetic combination is what impacted our perception... Without finding an answer, I turned to works of philosophers and art critics. Aristotle, with a contrary to philosophers conciseness, simply said - "Poetry is good" and went on to discuss its types. Others wrote extensively on this subject. I diligently read to the middle of the work saturated with "ontogeny of personality and phylogenesis of society." There were those who defined poetry through beauty and beauty through poetry: "The essence of poetry lies in its ability to bring out the hidden beauty and music of the world."

I related better to Aristotle. Poetry poetry does something with us, causes catharsis, makes us better, and the "why" is not so important to the theater. What is important is that there is poetry, different kinds of poetry, varied and good. Reflecting on the past play, I think that it is important for Theatre33 to organize evenings of poetry. That's is my autumnal memento from "A Cold Autumn" and the experience of poetry through the work with our teens.

Все еще переосмысливаю влияние поэтических текстов на себя, артистов и зрителей после премьер “Холодной осени” , а также поэзию и ее перевод (делали английские субтитры) –