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Festivals present a unique opportunity for growth and enrichment for organizations, individuals and communities of both, traveling and host theaters.  New friendships are formed, collaborations sprout,  the exchange of ideas and energy is out of this world.  Here is a look back at the festivals we were part of and anything festival related.

Third Festival of Community Theatres of America
November 13,
2022, Rockville, MD
My Mother and Music 
Adaptation of Marina Tsvetaeva's prose and poetry
Directed by Marianna Chebotaroyva.
Cast: Irina Bogdanova, Marianna Chebotaryova, Era Pogosova
Crew: Sergey Bogdanov, Inna Grishina


2022.11 YourEntrance.jpg

Multicultural Festival
May 2022, Renton, WA
Little Straw Bull
Ukrainian Fairy Tale
Directed by Marianna Chebotaroyva.
Cast:  Marianna Chebotaryova, Era Pogosova
Crew: Irina Bogdanova


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