About  Theatre33

Our Mission and Vision

Theatre33 is a community theater in Bellevue, WA. It was found in 2013. Our mission is to stimulate, promote, and develop an interest in the dramatic arts, both for artists and audiences. We strive to provide quality live productions that speak to the hearts of the audience and evoke current social problems and eternal ethical questions. Our vision is to make quality theatrical entertainment and education accessible to a diverse and multicultural community. We are a non for profit 501(3) organisation and surviving because of your generosity. Thank you for supporting arts in our region. Please subscribe if you want to know more about our productions.


Our Team

Theatre 33 was founded in October 2013 and has grown from an idea of evolving and igniting the flame for dramatic arts in the Greater Seattle Area. This growth and the number of productions we were able to bring you could not have been achieved without the persistent, bold, and creative individuals keeping that flame burning.


Elena Groysman
Elena Zastavnyuk
Irina Bogdanova
Natalya Strand
Nickolay Mitrofanov
Actors, Theatre33, performance
Marina Mitrofanova
Sergey Nefedyev
Tatyana Bezrukova
Valeriy Zastavnyuk
Zara Alminova

Marianna chebotaryova