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Theatre 33 offers our production space for rental. Your events, performances, and rehearsals can be held at our professional studio! Additionally, we offer a birthday package and can host your special day at our spacious studio.

Rehearsals                                               $10-30/hr

Tech rehearsals                                          $25/hr

Regular classes                                please contact

Events                                      $60-80hr (min.2hrs)

Birthday packages                          $400 + (2,5hrs) 

Performance rental                         $200 +(4hrs)

Damage deposit(refundable)                        $300

Cleaning fee (if applicable)                            $100

Maximum occupancy is 43.

We have 4  (6ft) tables and 45 plastic folding chairs, light and music systems with 2 wireless microphones.

For some events (and all kids parties), a supervisor has to be present (additional $20/hr)

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