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Theatre33 is a bilingual non-profit community teaching theater, the only independent theater in Bellevue. We provide a unique platform for transplanted immigrants and next generation Americans to retain and maintain a connection to history, literature, and language. We share our rich cultural heritage with the community. We serve as a cultural hub that unites diverse cultures and ages through the love of dramatic arts.  

Наша миссия и видение


Theatre33 - любительский театр в Бельвю, штат Вашингтон. Он был основан в 2013 году. Наша миссия - стимулировать, продвигать и развивать интерес к драматическому искусству как у артистов, так и у публики. Мы стремимся предоставлять создавать спектакли, которые затрагивают текущие социальные проблемы и поднимают вечные этические вопросы.  Мы некоммерческая организация 501 (3) и выживаем благодаря вашей щедрости. Спасибо за поддержку искусства в нашем регионе. Подпишитесь, если вы хотите узнать больше о наших программах.

We incorporated in 2013, playing in living rooms and venues around Seattle and the Eastside for the first few years. Our very first production, “Let’s talk about Love, Justice and Human Wit,” premiered at the Seattle Armory on October 25, which we fondly celebrate as our birthday. 

In 2016, we leased our own little black box 35-seater theater and have been gaining momentum ever since, establishing our patron base, growing our supporters and, most importantly, providing quality live theatrical entertainment and education to a broad and varied group of people. As of July 2023, we are now in our new performing arts facility in the heart of the BelRed Arts District.

How it all started
What we do

From contemporary plays to beloved classics we strive to develop high quality productions, challenging our volunteers and audience to tackle the complex matrix of human relationships. We offer new productions every month, with shows running almost every weekend September to July. e close each season with a literary-musical original composition that pays tribute to a poet of the past.  These season finales include adults and children, providing incredible opportunities for our volunteer actors to refine their skills and grow.  We offer yearly free Family Halloween shows, SpringFest around Easter, poetry readings, teatime storytime and Little Plays in the Park during summer. We are also a teaching theater and offer youth (ages 9-19) and adult drama classes throughout the academic year.


Наша команда


Елена  Гройсман
Елена Заставнюк
Ирина Богданова
Наталья Стрэнд
Николай Митрофанов
Actors, Theatre33, performance
Марина Митрофанова
Сергей Нефедев
Татьяна Безрукова
Валерий Заставнюк
Зара Альминова

Марианна Чеботарева

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